Take the BTWIC Turnover Survey, To better understand the ECE-OST Workforce

Teachers can’t afford to Stay!

As we move forward with our ventures to advocate for early education, it is critical that we update the ever changing statistics on turnovers in early childhood education classes throughout Massachusetts. The Bessie Tart Initiative for children, a non-profit and research organization has designed and distributed a turnover survey to bring attention to this important issue affecting ECE in MA. Click here to take the turnover survey now! To achieve change we must show legislators and bureaucrats that early education is in dire need of support and resources.  Turnover is an issue that has long been known to negatively affect ECE quality. Your assistance will help us demonstrate the true rate of turnover and its effect on the field and on children in classrooms throughout our communities. We know that early educators are leaving the field every day for jobs outside of education and care, for many reasons including high stress environments and low wages. It is also quite true that consistency is fundamentally important to a young child’s developmental needs. This turnover survey will help us show lawmakers that MA turnover rates threatens this consistency.

Please take five minutes out of your day to complete the following turnover survey by clicking here.  Or you can also paste this link into your browser. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ECETurnover