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Looking for trainings and info to help with child assessment/screening tools and QRIS?

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Check out the CASE website, which offers trainings all over the state, including those with CEU's. 

There are also Webinars and Powerpoints you can download:

Mental Health Consultation Available to ECE Programs

IB ImageMental Health Consultation Available to Early Childhood Education Programs

DEEC has awarded contracts to agencies in all regions to provide early childhood mental health consultation services to programs. Below is contact information for each region. The earlier in the year that programs request help, the more likely that children, programs, and families will benefit from these services. For more information, on services and eligibility, do a search on “Mental Health Grantees Early Childhood” on the DEEC website or contact the agencies below:


QRIS Trainings

Is QRIS driving you crazy? Some trainings have been scheduled.

Share My Lesson


Introducing an exciting free resource.  Win a prize if you sign up and activate your account before Nov. 23.

Share My Lesson is a place where educators can come together to create and share their very best teaching resources.



Overwhelming Response to MECEU's PD Coordinator!

IB ImageAn overwhelming response followed the announcement of MECEU’s new Professional Development Coordinator!  Over 30 Professional Development Programs have already been scheduled in MECEU's Most Supportive Centers, with additional ones being scheduled every day! 


Here is the list as of today:

Meet MECEU's Professional Development Coordinator!

IB ImageOver the past three years, MECEU has provided scores of professional development workshops for hundreds of teachers and directors. We view professional development as an important component in our movement to improve the quality of early education in Massachusetts. Today, we are pleased to announce an expansion of our professional development program.

Christine Maguire has worked in the field for Early Childhood Education for over 30 years in various capacities including teaching, directing, Early Intervention, higher education, and training and consultting.  Employers and clients have included Bunker Hill Community College, Wheelock College, Urban College, ABCD, the Boston Alliance for Early Education Mentor Accreditation Program, Zero To Eight, Criterion Early Intervention, and Child Care Choices of Boston Support Services.  As an independent Educational Consultant, she has led professional development sessions, classroom modeling, classroom observation and reflective feedback, and consulting with programs in diverse communities. Her professional development sessions cover topics including Working with Young Children with Special Needs, Working with Diverse Families, Curriculum, the MA Core Standards and Preschool Guidelines, Creative Curriculum, Classroom Management, and Relationships. They are tailored to the characteristics of adult learners, incorporating varied presentation methods and exercises, hands-on activities, and fun! Special Needs and diversity are also integrated into all of the sessions. She is very familiar with DEEC requirements and guidelines, including QRIS.  Ms. Maguire has an Associated Degree in ECE from Wheelock College and a Master's Degree in Human Services from UMASS/Boston which includes numerous ECE courses. 

The PD Coordinator will work with our campaign organizers and organizing committees to continue to offer PDs  throughout the state, just as we have in recent years. It is the expansion of the program that we are most excited about. The PD Coordinator will work with the directors of the MECEU Most Supportive Centers to provide customized PDs to these individual centers based on the educational needs of the center.

Contact to talk to her about MECEU's Professional Development Program.


MECEU Launches Most Supportive Center Project!

IB ImageThis past spring MECEU launched its Most Supportive Center project, which aims to recognize centers across Massachusetts where teachers and directors have shown the greatest commitment to their union.

In addition to the advocacy work that the teachers and directors have engaged in, these centers have signed a statement of support for MECEU, publicly displayed an MECEU Support Card, and provided a staff photograph for the MECEU website. 

As the campaign moves forward, more and more centers are participating in the MECEU Most Supportive Center Project.  As part of this project, the Most Supportive Centers will have access to professional development programs provided by the MECEU Professional Development Coordinator.

For more information about how to become an MECEU Most Supportive Center, contact Kari Sledzik at 860-944-9598.

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