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Greater Boston Central Labor Council Endorses MECEU Legislation!


On Tuesday, March 1st, the Greater Boston Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO) voted unanimously to endorse the Massachusetts Early Childhood Educators Union campaign, as well as MECEU's legislation. The Greater Boston Central Labor Council applauded the activists in MECEU for working "to bring a voice at work to thousands of early childhood educators across the Commonwealth," and called on the GBCLC members to get involved in supporting this important effort. 

MECEU activists meet legislators at breakfast event


On Friday, Feb. 11th, MECEU Organizing committee members attended the Pioneer Valley Central Labor Council Legislative Breakfast. The Breakfast is for Massachusetts Representatives and Senators to come to learn about the important isues that affect everyday people, like early childhood educators

MECEU files bill to improve quality and form new early educators union


This legislation will give early educators the right to form a non-traditional union, and win a stronger voice in the Statehouse!  Click on the link above to learn more about this historic bill!

MTA President Engages Early Educators


Paul Toner, president of Massachusetts Teachers Association, visited several early education centers in Springfield on December 1st. Paul came to Springield to hear first-hand what issues early educators want their new union to focus on. Educators responded with the big three: salaries, benefits and professional development....

Organizing Committee Members Take Action


The November 2nd election was a small victory for early childhood education in Massachusetts.

Members of the MECEU Organizing Committee all over the state took action on behalf of the early education profession. The Greater Boston Organizing Committee volunteered at a "telephone party," and called other early educators to urge them to vote no on Question #3. They know that the Commonwealth needs to provide more funding for early childhood education, not less. The Western Massachusetts Organizing Committee volunteered on state representative and senate campaigns for candidates who support early education.

Activist Spotlight: Nell Daniels, Brockton Teacher


"I strongly support a non-traditional union because it’s high time we were recognized as early educators and not glorified babysitters. Our profession is just as important as all of the high-paid professions in the world, if not more. I am a member of the Organizing Committee because our representatives need to recognize how important we are and what we stand for. We want them to realize we deserve higher wages and better benefits to improve quality education. After all, without good quality early education, there will be no structure for our future."


MECEU is about building a strong voice for early childhood educators. For more MECEU voices, visit the Speak Out section of our website!

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