What is MECEU?

The Massachusetts Early Childhood Educators Union (MECEU) is a grassroots campaign of teachers, directors and some center owners to form a non-traditional union committed to winning more resources and respect for the nearly 5,000 dedicated and talented professionals teaching in roughly 500 of the most under resourced centers across the state.

MECEU is being assisted in this effort by the American Federation of Teachers-Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Teachers Association and would be jointly affiliated with the AFT, NEA, and the AFL-CIO.

Our unique and historic movement is about improving the quality of early education in the Commonwealth by focusing on assisting the teachers and directors who are in the neediest centers every day helping some of the most at-risk children in our state to learn and grow.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts makes decisions every day that impact the entire early education field. The educators who do this important, under-valued work often have little or no input into those decisions. MECEU is working to build a strong voice for educators, with the ability to negotiate with the Commonwealth over issues central to improving quality in the centers, such as access to professional development, the Quality Rating and Improvement System, and issues affecting recruitment and retention. Read why some MECEU leaders are involved in OUR VOICES.

Play MECEU CANDYLAND to find out how a non-traditional union works, or visit our FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS page for more information about our campaign.

It’s time for you to make your voice heard. JOIN US in this important struggle for our families and our children.



"Families can't afford to pay, teachers can't afford to stay, there has to be a better way!"